Shawl “DUKACHI” by Yaroslav Shkriblyak

Have you seen our shawl with dukachi? A luxurious accessory, the design for which was created by a friend of CHERNIKOVA brand Yaroslav Shkriblyak.



We want to introduce him to you. Because this is another person who develops Ukrainian art with a pure, deep and authentic Ukrainian character. And we want to believe that the owners of these shawls will discover for themselves the value of such a high-quality accessory even to a greater extent, not only in terms of its material but also in terms of its meaning.


Yaroslav is a graphic designer and illustrator. And he is also the founder of Shkriblyak Design studio. He has been creating identities for brands for over 15 years.


In his activity he adheres to Ukrainian motifs. And in the work of the studio Yaroslav and his colleagues focus on illustrative designs with a highly detailed and conceptual approach.


Liuba and Yaroslav do not remember exactly whose idea it was to draw dukachi as a basis for CHERNIKOVA shawls. Liuba says that it was Yaroslav’s idea, and Yaroslav says that it was Liuba’s. However, it is Yaroslav who implemented it in the best possible way. 




At first, it seemed that everything was very simple – a dukach. But when they started studying the material, they realized that it lacked a concept in order to avoid becoming a banal decoration. In the work on the image an idea and rethinking were needed.


Yaroslav moved away from the literal depiction of dukachi as an object. After all, personalization was sought in the jewelry.


So our dukachi became an illustration of a star-soul. This is a personality in the jewelry as a symbol of the woman who wears it, of all Ukrainian women who have ever worn them. Dukachi on shawls are unique personalities united in the nation.


Searching for a meaning and reproducing it in the image have lasted for about 4 months.


Yaroslav has a good sense of Ukrainian contents. Maybe because he comes from an artistic family that is more than 200 years old! He is a great-great-great-grandson of Yurii Shkriblyak, the founder of a great dynasty of folk crafts artists from Yavoriv, Kosiv district.


Women decorated Easter eggs, embroidered and wove. Men were engaged in wood carving, which is what the Shkriblyak family is most famous for throughout the centuries and to this day.


Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Emperor of Austria-Hungary Franz Joseph and many collectors outside Ukraine had Yurii’s works in their collections. Each generation maintained the traditions and supplemented them with their own contributions.




However, Yaroslav was born already in Ivano-Frankivsk. He was destined to live in a high-rise building far from mountains, trees and wood carving knives, to develop and make his way in the modern world with computers and the Internet. And he was preparing to become an accountant or a bank employee.


He learned to draw by himself, never went to an art school or studied with artists. But there were several events that changed everything and after which Yaroslav became a graphic designer and later began illustrating.


In his activity he is devoted and continues the ancient history of the Shkriblyak family art. In the works there is a noticeable inclination to ethnic motifs, rethinking and reproduction of meanings, with the help of traditional and new approaches.


The main concept of Shkriblyak Design studio is the belief that commercial design can be art. The designer creates with respect for the Ukrainian graphic base, searches for and uses forms from the visual heritage. Ukrainian graphics are absolutely unique and have deep roots, thousands of years of evolution and development.

Shawl “Dukachi”