Charity Shawls


For someone a shawl is like an amulet. For someone – like a decoration. For someone – like art. And for someone it is a weapon – to protect their home.

Our shawls combine all these functions. You know: when you buy shawls from Chernikova, you get an amulet, a decoration, the art of collaboration between artists and the designer. And the defenders of Ukraine get help in the war started by Russia against Ukraine. The help to protect our home.


Because we give 100% of the profit to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through reliable and proven volunteers.


Here the win-win system is in action.


Shawls are bought for oneself or as a souvenir. Our customers who live in other countries of the world order them as a gift for their foreign friends. This helps protect the information war front as well. After all, such a gift is accompanied by a reminder of the war in Ukraine and a story about the ancient and powerful culture of our people.

We together with Marta Pitchuk imagined a scene like this when we were working on the design of the shawls even before the start of the full-scale invasion. Marta’s paintings and her motankas (rag dolls) have the special power of an amulet. But after February 24, 2022 we moved into another reality. And our shawls received another function – helping military servicemen and servicewomen protect our homes.



Artist Yaroslav Shkribliak also joined the initiative. His dukachi are depicted on one of the shawls of this series.


We actively send your orders not only throughout Ukraine, where there is such a possibility, but also around the whole world – we can do it: customers from Europe, the USA or Canada receive these shawls and other orders within 10-15 working days, and customers from others continents – within 15-20 working days.


So order! Get this amulet, beauty and art. Get silk or wool weapons for protection. Of our souls and our state.

Shawl “Dukachi”