Woodblock printing on textiles is a new technique in the brand

Chernikova Brand Has Recently Been Using Woodblock Printing on Textiles – an Ancient Technique of Decorating Clothes. 


Imagine that you looked into the closet of a Ukrainian. Riddle: What will you find there with a 90% probability?

– our version: an embroidered shirt.


And with a probability of 90%, what will you NOT find?

– our version: clothes with elements of woodblock printing on textiles.


But it is not for long. Because we have recently started mastering and interpreting this ancient technique of decorating fabrics into a modern design.


Although both embroidery and woodblock printing on textiles are traditional ways of decorating clothes and household items in Ukraine.


So What Is Woodblock Printing on Textiles?

– if we simplify it a lot, it is the application of paint on a fabric with the help of special carved boards, forms, wooden clichés, machines, etc.


This technique makes it possible to think up different and unusual design ideas: from a small emphasis to the entire plot.


It may seem that everything is very simple. But for each ornament you need to make a unique stamp – by hand. Likewise, each element is applied manually.

Technique of Decorating Clothes



In 2014 we in Chernikova touched on the topic of woodblock printing on textiles in the collection “Zhnyva” (“Harvest”). Then on hemp cloth tambour embroidery was used to reproduce ornaments from the motifs of woodblock printing on textiles.

Approximately in December 2020 we became friends with the Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts of the Lviv National Academy of Arts.


Have you been there? It is a must visit on a trip to Kosiv district. So many interesting and authentic things are created there by students with the help of teachers who share their knowledge.

Among the various techniques of applied arts, they teach woodblock printing on textiles as well. Thus together with the Kosiv Institute we started designing unique stamps.

Now we are preparing a new collection with elements of woodblock printing on textiles. A little spoiler: there will be a lot of linen fabric. Because after 8 months of experiments with hemp cloth, batiste, etc., we saw that a pattern is put and looks its best on this fabric.

That is, each item you will see in the collection is a hand-made unique stamp, each ornament is hand-applied.

But wait! Before applying the paint, we select what type of clothes the element will be on: a dress, a blouse, a skirt… We choose colors, then we design the compositions of a pattern on the outfit.

This is painstaking work. But these are the things that convey the values of our brand: we combine the past, the present and the future.