Valeriia and Zakhar




The sheets of your breath are lighter than silk.

Yurii Izdryk

Bride’s dress  “Edelveis”, collection “Chervona Ruta”.

Machine embroidery, geometric and floral ornaments.

Material: silk, cotton lining, cotton lace.

Composition: 100% silk, 100% cotton lining.


Groom’s shirt “Liubystok”, collection “Chervona Ruta”.

Machine embroidery, nyzynka.

Material: costume fabric.

Composition: 70% cotton, 30% viscose.

About the collection

“Chervona Ruta”

Reflections on the legend, on the healing flower from the Carpathians, that gives happiness in married life, gives love and can attract a loved one. And I also decided to look for it, this legendary flower, it is a bit of a challenge. The collection is dominated by floral motifs combined with restrained geometric patterns. Natural silk creates a feeling of lightness and adds sophistication to the cuts. Color palette: pink, green, brown and sandy.

“Nyzynka” (nyz) is a technique characteristic of Ukrainian embroidery, that creates geometric patterns with a clear diagonal. This is a counted-thread running stitch “needle forward” and it is put from below.

In women’s vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses) nyz was used to embroider an “ustavka” – a rectangular fragment of the top of the sleeve (it could be a separate element of the cut or continuous with the sleeve), a collar, cuffs, a bosom and “pohrudky” – vertical stripes on the front of the breast.

On men’s shirts nyz was used to embroider a collar, a “manishka” (dickey) and cuffs.

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