Nadiia and Anton




Your eyes are like the sea,
Peaceful, luminous;
The old grief of my heart,
Like dust, sinks in them.
Your eyes are like a well
Clean on a pearly bottom,
And hope, like a dawn,
From them shines for me.

Ivan Franko

Bride’s dress

collection “Dzherelo”

Machine embroidery, nyzynka.

Material: silk, cotton lining, cotton lace.

Composition: 100% silk, 100% cotton lining.

Groom’s shirtTopirets

collection “Ya Bachu”

Machine embroidery, nyzynka.

Material: costume fabric.

Composition: 70% cotton, 30% viscose.


The color palette and materials were changed according to the couple’s order.

About the collection


A person must be himself, and then this is true beauty. Our inner source.


Materials: batiste, silk, lace.

Ornaments from different regions of Ukraine,  nyzynka (running stitch embroidery put from below) – beautiful geometrical patterns with a clear diagonal – dominates.


The color palette of the collection is discreet. The main colors are milky, smoky and black, as well as various shades of beige.

All silhouettes are light and flowing, they create a romantic and feminine look, but at the same time they are extremely functional and comfortable.

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About embroidery


“Nyzynka” (nyz) is a technique characteristic of Ukrainian embroidery, that creates geometric patterns with a clear diagonal. This is a counted-thread running stitch “needle forward” and it is put from below.


In women’s vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses) nyz was used to embroider an “ustavka” – a rectangular fragment of the top of the sleeve (it could be a separate element of the cut or continuous with the sleeve), a collar, cuffs, a bosom and “pohrudky” – vertical stripes on the front of the breast.


On men’s shirts nyz was used to embroider a collar, a “manishka” (dickey) and cuffs.