About the collection

The collection “Vira*” was presented at the fashion show “Euro Fashion Union” in Hungary on October 26, 2015

*Vira is a Ukrainian female name that can be translated as “Faith”


Non-traditional original color combinations (bright orange, red, turquoise and pink) are combined in the articles of the collection, so it is possible to choose the outfits that will suit different face types.

The collection consists of dresses made of homespun canvas and decorated with handmade embroidery in the ancient technique of hardanger.

Hardanger embroidery, or “lyshtva” (welting), as it was earlier called, is a unique technique of embroidery that in old times was mainly practised on the hems of women’s shirts with the help of thread remnants – lyshtvas. This embroidery is distinguished by interesting and characteristic color solutions and originally built composition.

The collection also includes jackets made of entire canvas woven by hand on an old loom. It is a wooden frame with threads of the base stretched on it.



The designer’s comment


Faith is an action. When by your internal state and beliefs you create the future, change the reality.
Faith is when you are small in a big world but you do something big.
This is when you know something for sure, even though it does not exist or all others think differently.
Faith is inside you, that is why you have the final word.
Faith means to be inside the sun, that is, to be the sun yourself.