Care of clothes

Care of clothes


Linen clothes are very firm, long-wearing, ecofriendly. But when being worn, they crumple too quickly. When washed, they have the ability to shrink. Detergents must not contain bleachers as they damage the fabric. Do not scrape. It is better to hand wash or wash in a delicate mode. Linen clothes must be ironed while being damp.


Woollens (dresses, skirts) may be hand washed or washed in an automatic washing machine. A delicate mode of washing must be used. The temperature must be 30-40 °С, the function of wringing must be switched off. While washing, one should use the laundry detergent specially designated for woollens. On finishing the work cycle of the washing machine, an article must be removed from the drum of the washing machine, spread and hung on a hanger to dry. Iron it through fabric while still being damp. Coats and kersetkas should be brought to a dry-cleaner’s. You can clean them with the help of a brush and a steam iron.


Clothes of viscose are good at absorbing moisture, but while being damp they lose firmness. Therefore they require particulary careful washing. Clothes of viscose are hand washed using mild detergents or in a washing machine at the temperature of 30-40 °С. It is not recommended to wring clothes or, moreover, to squeeze them  in a centrifuge. Viscose must be ironed with a humidifier at 150 °С (the position of a thermostat – ‘silk’).


Silk clothes are pleasant to wear in any season, because when it is cold, they warm you, and when it is hot, they create the sense of coolness. Silk fabrics are distinguished by their firmness and lightness. It is forbidden to rub and wring a silk article manually. After washing the silk clothes must be rinsed in cold water. Silk is ironed from the inside while being damp, but do not additionally moisten it, because spots may remain. You may hand wash silk only in slightly warm water.


Cotton clothes are very firm, tolerate high temperatures well. Drawbacks of cotton clothes consist in the fact that they crumple very quickly and shrink when washed. Such clothes are washed at 30-40 °С, are not wrung, it is better to dry them on hangers and iron while being slightly damp.

Hemp cloth

Articles of hemp cloth are very firm and ecofriendly. They must be hand washed or washed in a delicate mode of the washing machine. Aggressive detergents and bleachers must not be used. The articles should be ironed while being slightly damp. After washing they have the ability to shrink, but after the first wearing they are stretched back to the original sizes.

It is better to hand wash clothes containing shawls, lace and handmade decorations in slightly warm water without bleachers and aggressive detergents. Drying procedure for such clothes is as follows: wring them gently, put on a clean towel, roll into a ‘sausage’ and squeeze hard, in such a way moisture gets into a towel and the article becomes semi-dry. When washed, embroidery may shrink the fabric, that’s why such articles must be ironed while being almost dry.