About the collection

In July 2016 the limited capsule collection “Dzherelo*” was presented in Odesa within “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show 2016”.

*“Dzherelo” means “Source”

Materials: batiste, silk, lace, ornaments from different regions of Ukraine; nyzynka (running stitch embroidery put from below) – beautiful geometrical patterns with a clear diagonal – dominates.


The color palette of the collection is discreet. The main colors are milky, smoky and black, as well as various shades of beige.


All silhouettes are light and flowing, they create a romantic and feminine look, but at the same time they are extremely functional and comfortable.

Designer’s comment

Clothes worn by a person should “say” what s/he wants to say about her/himself. In my opinion, a well-dressed person is the one who harmoniously combines her/his inner world with the appearance.


And it is not just clothes but a general look: gait, posture, gestures, facial expressions, maybe even makeup, hairstyle, accessories. And s/he should feel comfortable in all that. S/He must be her/himself, and then this is true beauty.