Sofiia and Fahrudin




More than once in a dream, oh my dear,
Your image appears to me, so wonderful,
As it was shining in the spring of youth,
In the best moments of fresh love.


Ivan Franko

Bride’s dress “Ptashka” collection “Ya.Bachu”

Machine embroidery, nyzynka, Bukovyna tsyrka.

Material: costume fabric, cotton lining, ribbons.

Composition: 70% cotton, 30% viscose; lining – 100% cotton.


Groom’s shirt “Oberih”, collection “Sohodni”

Nyzynka embroidery.

Material: costume fabric.

Composition: 70% cotton, 30% viscose.

About embroidery


A Borshchiv embroidery vyshyvanka impresses with the variety of patterns and is rightfully considered a historical and cultural value and pride of Ternopil region. It is distinguished by densely stitched floral and geometric patterns. Black ornamental compositions with the slight interspersing of color motifs on shirts and blouses are the main decorative accents in Borshchiv festive outfits.


“Nyzynka” (nyz) is a technique characteristic of Ukrainian embroidery, that creates geometric patterns with a clear diagonal. This is a counted-thread running stitch “needle forward” and it is put from below. In women’s vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses) nyz was used to embroider an “ustavka” – a rectangular fragment of the top of the sleeve (it could be a separate element of the cut or continuous with the sleeve), a collar, cuffs, a bosom and “pohrudky” – vertical stripes on the front of the breast. On men’s shirts nyz was used to embroider a collar, a “manishka” (dickey) and cuffs.

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