Bo Liubov


About the collection

The collection “Bo Liubov*” consists of 12 bright modern looks made in national Ukrainian style. The composition and color palette are interestingly combined in the models.

*“Bo Liubov” can be translated as “Because Love”

The outfits are made of light natural fabrics: wool, velvet, velour and viscose.

Woolen and linen lace, linen, metal, wood and fur were chosen for decoration.


The collection includes dresses made of natural silk, decorated with various ornaments and supplemented with ancient Ukrainian kraikas (women’s belts made of woolen colorful yarn), lace and shawls in order to create a complete look.


Kersetkas – women’s ancient sleeveless jackets – became a zest of the collection. They are made of woolen fabric and decorated with various types of embroidery from different regions of Ukraine.

The designer’s comment

The aim is big – to open, to renovate, to develop Ukrainian clothing, to present it to the world and to ourselves, because we have forgotten it.




Because Love.