Designer Ukrainian Style Dresses from Liubov Chernikova

In this section modern and ethno style dresses from the Ukrainian brand Chernikova are presented – here you will immediately feel the designer’s inspiration and our craftswomen’s skills. Just so, because we have been creating exclusive clothes since 2009 and over this time we have thoroughly explored our path, opportunities and people in their strongest hypostasis.

More than 1000 various models of dresses have already found their supporters among Ukrainian girls and foreign guests. Embroidered dresses from Chernikova and other items from our catalog are worn in Ukraine, Poland, Romania, France, America and other countries. So be sure that this Ukrainian brand is proved by time and high requirements.

Here you will find clothes for any occasions. Some models can be easily worn for a walk, while other designer embroidered dresses will be appropriate for festive and solemn events. In addition, it is possible to get a unique custom-made wedding dress in ethnic style or to choose an individual design.

Designer Dresses, Traditional Fabrics

For designer dresses we use expensive high quality fabrics. We choose the material depending on the character we want to give the outfit. Playful or reserved? Dreamy or strong-willed? Or perhaps mysterious and elusive?

Here are some of the materials that often become the basis for dresses from Chernikova:

• Unique old homespun canvas. Yes, some dresses are sewn from hemp or linen canvas, which has a whole story. Such material is not easy to get. We “hunt” for it in small Carpathian villages and, after purchasing, we sometimes rinse it in mountain rivers.
• High quality cotton. These are soft things that open up women’s tenderness and warmth and, in combination with embroidery, just charm the owner and those around her.
• Costume fabric. This is a very practical material. Designer dresses made of such fabric are very elegant and comfortable. They do not constrict movements, drape themselves well, have a nice texture.
• Velvet dresses. Such dresses in ethnic style look festive and noble. We love velvet for its ability to play with light and shades and to create a fabulous picture. We are sure that you will also like our velvet items

And that is not all. The fabric of each item is indicated at the online store of the designer clothes. Choose what inspires you, come to the fitting and wear our designer dresses with pleasure.

Dresses in Ethno Style – the Magic of Decoration

We do not have to go very far for inspiration. It is everywhere – in the local streets, the blue sky, birds’ wings, starlight, in rivers, forests, mountains… All elements of nature are reflected in human work and art. Our designer embroidered dresses will show the beauty of nature, because they have not come from nowhere but have become a part of the perfect construct of the big World.

Exclusive dresses are decorated with embroidery, woven insets, feathers, silk ribbons, beads, elements of shawls and other details. Each item has its filling. Each item has its character.

We Create with Love

For a decade we, inspired by the environment and women’s nature, have been creating exclusive dresses for our customers. We experiment with combinations and improve our brand. But the following characteristics remain unchanged:

• High quality materials. We choose only the best fabrics, decor and even the smallest details. To buy a designer dress from our brand means to buy a thing that can become a family relic and can be passed down through generations. We have taken care of the durability of your purchase.
Strict control. Every item receives full attention, from the time of emerging of its idea to the time when it becomes the customer’s possession. The quality of seams, the sewing technology, the order of tools placement at the production site – nothing remains without control.
Uniqueness. Exclusive dresses require exclusive solutions. We do not reproduce fashion trends but create things that will always be in trend. Our embroidered dresses in ethno style are vibrant, energetically strong and unique.
• Development and variability. We, like water, do not stand still, do not repeat ourselves, but continue our creative journey with you. Watch new collections and models of the brand Chernikova and you will immediately realize what has been created especially for you.

So we invite you to look over designer dresses in our catalog and to choose the models you like. You can order a dress directly on the website, if it is available in your size, or you can order a custom-made dress according to your specified measurements.