Якби помножити любов усіх людей,

ту, що була, що є й що потім буде,

то буде ніч. Моя ж любов — як день,

не знають ще чуття такого люди.


Володимир Сосюра

About the collection

“Chervona Ruta”


Reflections on the legend, on the healing flower from the Carpathians, that gives happiness in married life, gives love and can attract a loved one. And I also decided to look for it, this legendary flower, it is a bit of a challenge.


The collection is dominated by floral motifs combined with restrained geometric patterns. Natural silk creates a feeling of lightness and adds sophistication to the cuts. Color palette: pink, green, brown and sandy.

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About embroidery

“Nyzynka” (nyz) is a technique characteristic of Ukrainian embroidery, that creates geometric patterns with a clear diagonal. This is a counted-thread running stitch “needle forward” and it is put from below.

In women’s vyshyvankas (embroidered blouses) nyz was used to embroider an “ustavka” – a rectangular fragment of the top of the sleeve (it could be a separate element of the cut or continuous with the sleeve), a collar, cuffs, a bosom and “pohrudky” – vertical stripes on the front of the breast.

On men’s shirts nyz was used to embroider a collar, a “manishka” (dickey) and cuffs.