Український дизайнерський одяг, Maria and Adrian

Maria and Adrian

Український дизайнерський одяг, Oksana and Denis

Oksana and Denis

Український дизайнерський одяг, Maria and Olexander

Maria and Olexander

Український дизайнерський одяг, Nadia and Anton

Nadia and Anton

Український дизайнерський одяг, Christina and Taras

Christina and Taras

Український дизайнерський одяг, Olga and Anzhey

Olga and Anzhey

Український дизайнерський одяг, Solomiya and Peter

Solomiya and Peter

Український дизайнерський одяг, Ludmila and Juhani

Ludmila and Juhani

Wedding preparations are a troublesome matter. Of course a bride and a bridegroom have to pay special attention to the choice of festive outfits that should be appropriate for this special day. The rich selection in specialized salons may not always satisfy the desires and ideas about perfect clothes. Especially if you want to find wedding outfits in Ukrainian style. Chernikova is precisely the option that will help resolve this question. High quality fabrics with embroidered ancient ornaments not only look beautiful and mysterious but also carry the meaning, strength and wisdom of the past generations. Custom-made wedding outfits from Chernikova are: Festive clothes that perfectly fit any body shape, height and size. The designer will recommend the best silhouette and cut and at the same time she will take into account all the desires expressed by the newlyweds. The possibility to independently choose any Ukrainian ornament that will decorate the outfit. You can be inspired by the models that are presented on the brand website (our collections or online shop) or independently find a pattern to your liking. The designer will offer the best option for its presentation. If so desired, an independent choice of the color of fabric, decor and threads with which the patterns will be embroidered. A chance to fulfil your dream of a perfect outfit with Ukrainian motifs, that conforms to ancient traditions and combines modernity with old times. You can order from Chernikova: - The bride’s wedding outfit, which will help emphasize her love for traditions, nature and Homeland. - The bridegroom’s wedding outfit with a laconic ornament that suits his character, courage and strength. - Matching outfits for newlyweds that will allow the couple to look very harmonious. - Wedding outfits for parents of newlyweds and other family members. Any model of clothes from the ones presented on the website can be made to order. The price for wedding outfits from Chernikova depends on the complexity of the order, fabric and garment accessories, as well as on the amount of embroidery. You can order clothes and get answers to all your questions by contacting our manager.