Oksana and Denis

Український дизайнерський одяг, Oksana and Denis

Chernikova is a pleasant acquaintance that will continue. The choice fell on clothes in ethno style because there was a desire for something non-classic. I was looking for a festive outfit that would have a connection with Ukrainian roots but at the same time be modern and stylish. Clothes of the brand Chernikova are exactly like this – they are not just embroidered outfits, but a complete style with its zest. I discovered the brand while seeking ideas for a wedding dress on the Internet. I came across a dress from the collection “I See” and then looked through the whole website several times. I liked the dress which later became my wedding dress so much that I kept returning to it, though I was still searching) That is, we “came” to each other not at once but after a while)) There seems to be some magic in the brand Chernikova, after all, I did not even see the outfit live, only in the photo) I approached buying a dress from a practical perspective and wanted to put it on not only once in my life but to wear it also afterwards: for family holidays or other festive events. Now it cherishes my wedding memories and waits for the next occasion to go out).

For me clothes by Chernikova definitely have certain symbolism, because they are associated with the beginning of our family’s creation, that is, the thing already contains bright memories. And this dress received so many compliments that it could have started its own Instagram account)) I was very often asked where I had bought it and I got a lot of positive reviews about the beauty and originality of the outfit. And I would like to add: in our wardrobes there are often things which we love very much, but there are also things which we quickly get bored with. Clothes from the brand Chernikova of course belong to the first category, you want to keep them and pass down like a family heirloom, like those mother’s or grandmother's things which we cherish for centuries. This is probably the greatest value of the brand).

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