Maria and Olexander

Український дизайнерський одяг, Maria and Olexander

I wished wedding clothes in ethno style because I wanted to have something special and symbolic in our outfits, and Ukrainian embroidery does reflect our spirit, culture, our nationality. I wanted a white dress with green embroidery, this is my favorite color, and my husband in his turn wanted dark colors: dark blue embroidery or canvas of this color. Liuba resolved this dispute by combining everything in one ornament, with a predominance of green for me and blue for my husband. There was very little time for sewing because I contacted Liuba late, about a month before the wedding, and I was worried if it would be enough time to make the elaborated dress and the shirt. But Liuba confidently took up our outfits. We are very grateful that Liuba has done everything in time and the outfits look really beautiful! We really liked them. Thank you.

I got acquainted with Liuba Chernikova at the university, we both studied design, spent a lot of time together, made friends and I witnessed how she started her business and developed her brand. That is why when my wife Mariia offered to choose wedding clothes in ethno style, I immediately decided to contact Liuba. So our wedding outfits are important for us not just as Ukrainian, symbolic and traditional, but also because they were made by my best friend! My wife and I chose the style of the dress and the shirt, their colors, cuts... We are not experts in embroidery and ornaments so we relied on Liuba in this question. After the wedding we put on these outfits only for photo sessions. They cherish the memory of our day, so we will always keep them. Relatives, friends and of course I were thrilled at my wife’s dress, so I am grateful to Liuba who sewed this outfit that made our wedding special.

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