Maria and Adrian

Український дизайнерський одяг, Maria and Adrian

Hello. My name is Maria. I was born and raised in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, but currently live in New York. I recently got married. It was important for me to wear a wedding dress that was embroidered with hutsul (the region in which I was raised) colors and ornaments. The embroidery was intricate and I was particular about what I wanted. My search for the right person has led me to Liuba. She’s from Ivano-Frankivsk and has a deep understanding of the traditions. She made for me the most charming and elegant dress I’ve ever owned or even imagined. It had every element, every detail I wanted. She also made a cute matching dress for my 14-month old daughter. Liuba is a true artist and a beautiful person. Thank you! One last point: the dress was long and designed for one purpose. It would have been a waste for it to hang in a closet forever. Two days after my wedding, I brought the dress back to Liuba and she made it into a short dress. It’s now wearable for holidays and other occasions that call for some Ukrainian vibe.

My name is Adrian. I’m a first-generation Ukrainian American. My wife, Maria, and I live in New York. We recently got married. When planning our wedding, we envisioned Ukrainian elements and themes. This included us wearing traditional clothing for the ceremony and the evening before. Mariya did some online research and asked her friends for advice on who could help us. We wanted to find someone who could make two dresses and two shirts in the style of the region in which we were getting married—Ivano-Frankivsk. This person needed to be skilled, creative, and have the understanding of Ukrainian traditions with the awareness of modern style. All roads led to Liuba. She was perfect. The dresses and shirts she made were exquisite and beautiful. All four pieces matched what Mariya and I imagined as if she read our minds. My traditional embroidered shirts were meant for our wedding, but I will continue to wearing them on holidays and other occasions at home for as long as I can. Thank you, Liuba!

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