Scheme of taking measures for men

1.Chest circumference. A measuring tape must lie horizontally on the most protruding points of the chest.

2. Chest circumference. Waist circumference. The narrowest place of the body, a measuring tape must lie horizontally.

3. Hips circumference. The widest place on the buttocks. A measuring tape
must lie clearly horizontally.

4. Front width. From the armpit to the armpit, if the chest size is large, then
from one armpit cavity to the other.

5. Shoulders width.

6. Neck circumference.

7. Shoulder length. From the base point of the neck to the end of the shoulder.

8. Arm circumference.

9. Length of the article (the front part).

10. Wrist circumference.

11.Sleeve length. From the end of the shoulder to the place where the sleeve
must end.