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We use only high quality fabrics in our production, mainly our own production, original accessories and decor. Therefore, through careful execution, the CHERNIKOVA outfit can be inherited and will last for many more years.


CHERNIKOVA clothing is a thing that combines past, present and future. The garments are made using authoring techniques that combine a design vision and tradition.


In our work we respect the worldview of others and uphold our own. We believe that the main thing is to listen to the wishes of the client and combine them with their own vision. After all, the beauty and originality of clothing should always go hand in hand with convenience and practicality.

Combining unique high quality fabrics, various materials, ancient patterns and signature techniques, we create modern clothes, turning to traditions. And our main goal is to help you fulfill your dream with the help of clothes. After all, clothing is both a desire and a gift. A gift to yourself and to the future generations, a gift for every day and for the greatest holiday in your life!

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