Collection «Yednannia»

At the time when the enemy strives to divide our country, a collection of embroidered and ethnic clothing has been born, that combines elements of traditional patterns from different cities of Ukraine.

Єднання, Колекція дизайнерського одягу від бренду "Чернікова"
Yednannia, Chernikova collectionYednannia, Chernikova collectionYednannia, Chernikova collection
On dresses, coats, jackets and shirts there is the ornament of the artist Olesia Vakulenko from Kharkiv and Maryna Mariarenko, who works in the technique of Petrykivka painting, and elements of the pattern of the Family Tree towel from Poltava.
A special place in the collection is occupied by Anna Yasinska’s handmade fabric
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Yednannia, Chernikova collectionЄднання, Колекція дизайнерського одягу від бренду Yednannia, Chernikova collection
The Designer’s Comment

Finely patterned interweavings and color preparing are used in the fabrics, but the author’s coloring, which is based on red, black and white, is offered. Thus the technology of making traditional folk fabric is preserved and the innovative principle of the interpretation of a source of creativity is developed. We used this fabric to create costumes.”