Collection «Sohodni»

On March 25, 2016 the collection “Sohodni*” was presented within Lviv Fashion Week. Its main looks are outerwear, dresses and suits decorated with Borshchiv embroidery. It contains 20 articles altogether.

*“Sohodni” means “Today”

Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni
Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 1Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 2Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 3

“Sohodni” is a collection built on the contrast of colors (black and white) and the contrast of fabrics (plain old hemp and exquisite velvet). Such polarities embody its philosophy: not to deny yourself being happy and luxuriously dressed precisely today, on this day, without waiting for a special occasion. And to treat yourself with beautiful clothes now and wear them daily.

Colorful embroidery, distinguished by bright flashes of red, green, yellow, blue, especially stands out against white and black fabrics. Chimeric, lush flowers – the main element of Borshchiv embroidery – blossom on the canvas and velvet.

Ancient patterns, though reinterpreted with a modern twist, contain the spirit of originality, authenticity and connect the past with the very “today” by a thin, invisible thread.

In addition to embroidered ornaments, the integrity of each article is ensured by mixing various techniques and approaches, using the variety of decor elements, lace and garment accessories. Together they create an incredible look, and it does not matter whether it is a long romantic dress or a comfortable vest.

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Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 4Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 5Український дизайнерський одяг, Sohodni 6

The collection “Sohodni” is a case when something original and new gives birth to a new form and content.

The designer’s comment:
Embroidered clothes can and should be worn more often than at Easter and Christmas. Just like going to church and praying. It is necessary to be well-dressed every day, nobody knows how much longer s/he will live, and for me there is no greater feast than Today – the feast of the present moment. Life is happening right now, that is why all the best and most beautiful things need to be worn now, without waiting for a special occasion. Just like eating, loving, making friends, working, spending time – everything with Love at this moment.