Collection «Shliakh Dodomu»

The collection “Shliakh Dodomu*” was first presented at the exhibition in Odesa in April 2017.

“Shliakh Dodomu” means “The Way Home”

The series consists of maxi dresses and outerwear, decorated with embroidered patterns with geometrical motifs. The embroidery style is nyzynka (running stitch embroidery put from below) of traditional Polissia clothes.

Materials: woolen fabric, velvet, fur, woolen lace, woolen shawls, velvet ribbons. The color palette includes beige, brown, greenish-blue, blue.

Every person who buys clothes with elements of ancient ornaments chooses them subconsciously: it means that s/he needs these symbols and colors. And this is a certain way to her/his native home.

Дивитися в каталозі

The designer’s comment:
To sew for women is about choosing a silhouette, color, ornament for them, finding the best solution together, listening to them and their desires. It is clear that for every art you definitely need to explore some topic, to reflect on it, to feel it, to allow it pass through yourself, transform it and to release it into the world. This is the principle of my art.